Opening Ceremony Amata City
On July 24, 2014 Daiki Aluminium Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. had an Opening Ceremony for our 2nd factory at Amata City Industrial Estate. This 2nd factory project is initiated in order to be able to provide a full support on the growth of automobile industry of Thailand. In this ceremony, we are honored by the presence of Mr. Viboon Kromadit – the Director and Chief Marketing Officer of on Public Co., Ltd., Mr. Thachaphich Sodabunlu – Act for Director Office of Amata City Industrial Estate, and our main customers of this factory. On that day we had a Brahman ritual, ribbon cutting for opening ceremony, factory tour, and ended the day with lunch buffet under the relaxed atmosphere.

This factory at Amata City shall manufacture not only the regular Aluminium ingot similarly to our main plant in Amata Nakorn, but also manufacture the molten Aluminium to be delivered directly to the furnace of our customers in order to help reducing production cost at our customer’s side as customer can save fuel cost from remelting the Aluminium. This factory started the operation fully from early August with the 1st stage capacity at 1,500 MT a month. Daiki Aluminium Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. commits and expects to provide a full support on the growth of Aluminium business and we are striving to be one of a part that could help pushing all our customers for their greater success always.
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