ISO 9001 : 2008
ISO 14001 : 2004
ISO 17025 : 2005
Environmental Caring

Daiki Aluminium Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. who play a leading role in recycling process by reducing enormous wastes from the world in each year has brought an environmental management system in place and has been certified by TUV NORD on dated January 14, 2002.

Environmental Policy

While the global environmental pollution is getting serious, with the new century at hand, we, Daiki Aluminium Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. as No.1 manufacture of Secondary Aluminium Ingot in Thailand, starts to build the environmental management system to obtain ISO 14001 for the purpose to prevent the environmental pollution from the global viewpoint. We will try to improve our system through the aluminum refining business.

  1. We will continuously practice to strictly observe laws, regulations, other regional rules and requirements from our customers in order to prevent the environmental pollution.

  2. We will tackle the reduction and recycling of all wastes produced in the melting process and the office work.

  3. We will aim at the realization of efficiency and environment-friendly energy use.

  4. We will control the pollution prevention facilities throughly and prevent the damages to our neighborhood and employees.

  5. To pursue and execute the environmental policy, we will provide adequate education and training to all employees.

  6. We will continue to communicate closely with the community and address the improvement of our environmental system.
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